profiel floris

Floris Jüngeling

“You must do what others don’t, to achieve
what others won’t.”

My name is Floris Jüngeling, and I’m the co-founder of Feris Marketing. At an early age, I noticed that I am a determined individual with an eye for detail. At first, this seemed like an annoying habit to have. But the older I got, the more I began to see this positively. Cause the little things always got in my way, but because of this, my results were better than those of others because I had this determination and eye for detail. My will to win and my eye for the little things became my specialty. And that is the reason I wanted to start a company, to become the best in this line of work. But why social media marketing? Every time I see a website or social media page which isn’t well crafted, I immediately think it’s a missed opportunity. This led to the point where I thought I should do something about it. I strongly believe in the effectiveness of a good marketing strategy, and that’s why we started Feris Marketing

profiel felix

Felix Reijke

“Do not fear failure but rather
fear not trying.”

Hi, my name is Felix Reijke. I’m the co-founder of Feris Marketing. I am a fast and keen learner and like to have complete control over everything I create and am also quite a perfectionist. This caused the following I taught myself to work with Adobe's design programs for my final paper to make it stand out, taught myself to edit videos with exquisitely to create the videos I wanted to produce, and even taught myself special effects and animation to deliver the best product possible. But the things I have taught myself that I get the most enjoyment from are web development I taught myself to make a personal website for a school project I kept going and finding out what else was possible within HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also get great enjoyment from understanding the different algorithms of the social media we use and finding out how to work with these algorithms. We at Feris Marketing believe that everything is possible if you try hard enough and will go to great lengths to achieve the results you desire.